Natural Feeding for Horses - the book

Get started in Natural Feeding with 'Natural Feeding for Horses' by Alexandra Wesker MSc. The book will guide you from determining nutritional requirements to implementing feeding plans, whatever the size, age and workload of your horse. The book gives plenty of practical feeding tips and also includes many useful reference sections on all aspects of Natural Feeding.

This is the ultimate resource for anyone interested in transitioning their horse to Natural Feeding.

Book reviews

“In this handy guide, independent equine nutritionist Alexandra Wesker offers a step-by-step feeding system which is based on how horses live in nature. Making the transition couldn’t be easier, thanks to this book, and its guidance on monitoring body condition and advice on adapting your horse’s diet. Plus, it’s packed with practical feeding tips.”

Horse Magazine UK

“With many horse owners now looking towards a more natural approach to feeding, the new book Natural Feeding for Horses by Alexandra Wesker, MSc provides a comprehensive guide that can really help.”

Horsemanship Journal UK

“With equine obesity becoming an increasing problem, I think many horse owners are turning to a more natural approach and will find this book useful and informative.”

Corrie Leaman, Horse & Countryside UK

“A thoughtful, well researched and written book that will make a positive impact on horses as it makes its way into the hands of horse owners. If you have ever been confused about determining the digestible energy content of the feed you provide your horses, or what level your horse needs based on its activity and size, then this book and its easy to understand formulas will help as she walks the reader through determining activity levels, required feed level, designing feeding programs, and information on safely replacing feeds with cereals. Buy the book, you won't regret it.”

Brad Guile, Functional Horsemanship USA

“I really enjoyed this book and thought it contained plenty of useful information. I would recommend this book for anyone who has a valid interest in feeding their horse naturally and who is willing to put it out some effort to do so.”

Casie Bazay, The Naturally Healthy Horse USA

“Alexandra Wesker knows horses. Integrating current scientific evidence, Wesker explains the practical feeding techniques that Mother Nature intended to keep your horse happy and healthy. With easy-to-follow charts and detailed information about haylage, grains, and more, Wesker explains how Natural Feeding can provide adequate nutrition while keeping your horse from illness, such as colic, ulcers, laminitis, and more. Recommended reading for every horse-owner.”

Gina McKnight, Author, Poet, Freelancer, Blogger USA

“A lot of interesting and important explanations, facts and insights. It provides a single source of comprehensive, scientifically based information that is easily understandable and flexible to the reader’s needs. In our opinion, if you want to do the best for your horse then you should get yourself a copy of the book and put as much into practice as you can knowing that even small changes can have tangible and worthwhile results.”

Rhys Colliver, Born Again Horseman UK

“Since reading this book, I have taken my "fizzy" part bred Arab off all hard feed apart from a small scoop of speedi-beet and added oil, and can see a difference in a week. I think this book should be used as an excellent reference book for all Equine students, and it will open people’s minds to keeping their horses more naturally.”

Vanessa Hill, Haynet Blog UK

"[The] book is very in depth, and is great for anyone looking to find out the whys and hows of equine nutrition and how to feed their horse properly based on weight, size, and amount of work they undertake. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to better understand horse nutrition and natural feeding solutions."

Johanna Dunn, Natural Bridges Ireland

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